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Fascinating Fact: 10 Aphrodisiacs in the Philippines

You may or may not be aware, but these foods (exotic foods and some fruits) are aphrodisiacs that may be found locally in the Philippines.


I was surprised to know that balut was one of them. I’m not really sure how, but it seems munching down on an embryo with its feathery contents makes you want to produce your own embryo.


The custard-creamy meat of this fruit from Davao is said to “smell like hell, but tastes like heaven.” I don’t know if it’s the same as sex though, but what the heck, I dont like durians anyway.


yep, you read it right, BA-YAG. It is also knows as “Soup Number 5” and apparently it is popular among jeepney drivers in Cagayan de Oro. This oily stew is made of chopped cow’s testicles. (Seriously? O_o)


What made the Japanese the biggest exporters of this Philippine coconut jelly-like chewables in the late 1990s is still a mystery. But surely, they discovered the potent powers of this little white dessert. HARIGATO GOSAIMASU! >:)


While other countries prefer to drink the reptile’s blood, the Philippines serve this exotic dish ADOBO STYLE (oh yeah!).  And apparently, IT TASTES LIKE CHICKEN. X_X


This is going to be an easy find on your local supermarkets compared to the other exotic aphrodisiacs (MADALI PANG KAININ!). This wonder fruit has worked its magic since 200 B.C. when its consumers, the Mayan and the Aztecs, used it for you-know-what >:).


One of the most talked about aphrodisiacs out there (especially sa inyong mga suking tanggero at lasing sa kanto). Kilawin or Adobong aso supposedly keeps you warm during the cold months (if you know what I mean).


The Chinese sure do know their herbal medicine, and this one is said to help cure sexual dysfunction. The word “ginseng” even means “man root”, most likely because of its forked shape, like a man’s legs.


Some like it hot! and sometimes, even EXTRA HOT! What better way to spice up a night than with that extra kick to your Valentine dinner?


Booze booze booze. This one numbs the brain, so this last one, I am a bit skeptical. But what the heck, as the saying goes:

"Pag may ALAK, may BALAK!"

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